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It was presumptuous of me to imagine that I could unveil her and find out what she is today and what she was in the long past. Interesting to know he does not really care much about god disovery religion.

But this is dazzle. May 14, Mohita rated it really liked it.

I believe the greatest contribution pfd this book is not as a historical work. The future historians of England will have to consider how far England’s decline from her proud eminence was due to her imperialism and racialism, which corrupted her public life and made her forget the lessons of her own history and literature.

Still the best history book I have read in my life. He wrested Goa from nejru Portuguese. His view of the nation to become a democratic country is evident in every page.

Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Articles with unsourced statements from August Nadia Petrova I believe it all depends on your vision restore in my opinion.

Nehru also touches on the many dilemmas that the Congress and planning committee faced as they set out on the daunting task of coming up with a foreign, economic and industrial policy for what they dreamed as a new free nation. These two volumes help to illuminate the depth of his interests and knowledge and the skill and elegance with which discovery of india by nehru pdf download treated the written word!! The eloquent style of using pen makes this book one of discovery of india by nehru pdf download must read with a quality of edifying any one about the true story of India.

discovery of india by jawaharlal nehru PDFs / eBooks

He knows the name of the book I read, the author. Nehru, Gandhi and Jinna were not original thinkers. While I might not have learnt any ne Some time ago there was a trend of discovery of india by nehru pdf download people to post a list of five books that changed their lives.

The every now and then inclination of trying to judge everything true and right to which he was associated with is sometimes irritating but that discovery of india by nehru pdf download on to tell that this is not a history book at all but a man’s try in the evilest of times to look back at the past and be optimistic for the future.

While that maybe so, this too is pardonable as even the political statements soar to heights sometimes and is amazing: As a forcibly absentee father, Nehru wanted both to explain his absences and play a role in her life and upbringing.

Sometimes a vague sense of uneasiness films them at a seeming contradiction between their domestic and colonial policy, between their professions and practice, but, considering themselves above all as practical men of common sense, they sternly repress all these stirrings of conscience.

Another interesting thing to come out of the book is the extreme affection that Nehru has towards China, who earnestly believes that the two countries working together hold a very promising future.

View all 17 comments. For Nehru’s book also contained the vision at once too complex and discovery of india by nehru pdf download, as well too riven with self-questioningto lend itself to an ideology of state. Nehru writes with optimism and a pinch of rationalism. Everywhere you look in my USA part of the world, England sells itself extraordinarily. More interested in politics than law, he was impressed by Mohandas K. This article needs additional citations for verification.

भारत की खोज : जवाहर लाल नेहरु | Bharat Ki Khoj : Jawahar Lal Nehru | – Free Hindi Books

Instead what you get through the pages of this book is an intimate conversation about snippets of Indian history with the author.

Concepts of Yoga, the caste system, Pakistan, and so many others have put in a stronger, far more complicated place, enough that a fellow student’s sensationalized simplification discovery of india by nehru pdf download “Does he focus on female infanticide? This work is not a political discovery of india by nehru pdf download, but the gradual unfolding of a time immemorial tradition, culture, civilization, religions, people, race, pff, collaborations, exchanges and what not.

Today with all discovery of india by nehru pdf download luxuries of life, we struggle to be a good caring father to indiia children, and somehow manage to meet, but for Pt.

What better way is there to spend time than to bt down and listen to your roots from Chacha himself. It almost seems that the forefathers of the Indian nation were apt to be history professors than presidents. They were highly qualified. This might have moulded his foreign policy, though economically debatable, that was based on mutual respect and peace, and equal growth opportunity for all nation States; all of which helped India achieve a benign undertone to her growth globally. As a forcibly absentee father, Nehru wanted both to explain his absences and play a role in her life downlooad upbr A number psf reviewers have noted that Discovery of India and Glimpses of World History were written lf the years Nehru languished in British custody for sedition and civil disobedience.

In long chapters and through some of the boring periods of Indian history, one can still love this book. Too great an obsession would truthfully do far more damage than my aspiring to be greater interest, but before this work, I did not get the sense of walking with trepidation into a room of millinia old conversations as I do with Japan, or Greece.

Nehru it was as way of life.