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Given the limited number sownload questions made available by BCG, the balance of maths and logic questions in the actual test is not known at this stage. This is the end of the preview. IGotAnOffer disclaimer Process followed.

Sign up now Free unlimited case interview practice. Three highly effective habits of successful candidates: Sign up to access the rest of the document. Most people fail the test for two reasons:.

The free sample test you are reading is inspired by these questions as well as conversations with past BCG candidates and other consulting recruitment tests. Here is the original question:. During the actual test you will be able to move onwards and backwards and change your prior answers so you should feel free to do the same here.

BCG offers a short sample test.

You can find many free practice materials and techniques in our Consulting Math section. You will have 1 — 2 minutes for each question. The test is made up of onllne business cases of questions eachideally replicating a consulting engagement. This document is a sample of 10 questions put together by IGotAnOffer. Time is the real, big constraint of the PST.

In its four-question sample BCG mentions that the online test includes 23 questions and needs to be completed in 45 minutes. Onlinf all, if succeeding in the test does not depend on the performance of your peers, given the amount of books, guides and mock tests available on the internet, almost everyone should pass the test.

McKinsey PST Overview

Although your performance does not depends on the performance of other candidates, unofficial surveys tell us that about 1 out of 3 candidates passes the test and progresses tets the interview round.

Download a free sample chapter. Discover our preparation programmes to learn a structured approach for each question type and practice realistic, challenging tests. Ask a homework question – tutors are online.

And since you will not be able to use tor other device beside your brain, it is essential for you to develop the best skill set and test the most effective method.

While both test your quantitative and logical skills, McKinsey developed the PST to assess your ability to draw logical, fact-based business conclusions from your analyses.

If you are a candidate that would do everything possible to maximize your chances, we highly recommend you to go through our Cae Problem Solving Test preparation guide.

Do you have any practical tips for BCG test I know there are only 4 sample Qs available, but in any case.

Free BCG Potential Test

Other Related Materials 26 pages. How to crack the different PST questions? Your feedback on the actual test would be very valuable to us and would significantly help us further improve these materials. If an average employee is paid 12 hours per month, which of the following formulae bcg online case test sample for candidates pdf download calculates the average number of items handled per employee, per month?

Each question bcg online case test sample for candidates pdf download divided into 2 parts: Despite these uncertainties we candicates the materials we put together will enable you to develop the right skills. Sign up to view the full content. Successfully added to cart!

We recommend you take no more than 20 minutes to take this test. We recommend you complete this sample test without using a calculator.

The main reason for failing the PST is the inability to manage time. There are a few uncertainties regarding the BCG potential test that you should be aware of: The cases test how you would downloa in the different phases of a consulting project: This preview shows pages 1—5.

Make sure you give it a try before taking the real one.

BCG Potential Test – Management Consulting Prep

These facts come from various research and field reports. Usually every piece of information is followed by questions that refer specifically to the information provided. Already have an account? Besides PST, Case Caes is also an important part of the management consulting recruitment process. Which of the following can be concluded based on the information presented in Exhibit 2 about GDP growth?

The purpose of this exercise is to test your analytical and logic skills as well as your business sense.

BCG Potential Test Sample | Copyright | Processes

Its purpose is swmple help you prepare for the actual online exercise you will have to complete. How can you get ready? Send Password Reset Link. Candidate briefing Online case.