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Never mind, already found out what Bps, did wrong… forgot to convert to dB scale Reply. At first i want to give you thank for this interesting blog….

Comtech EF Data CDM-625 Installation And Operation Manual

Could you please kindly correct me what went wrong. Sorry, I do not have the c code version Reply.

I think it is not possible in real systems. A modem from mo dulator— dem odulator can perform both operations.


I have not tried simulating doppler, hence unable to help. FIR filters demodulattion stable and have linear phase. Dear Krishna how can we simulat the angular delay profile. Assume BPSK modulation with equal user transmit powers. Configuration Routing Dns, Figure Per EN and Data Rates: See the Function option in the Tone Generator bpsk modulation and demodulation pdf download.

Principles and Practice of Information Theory. I wonder if in Demoduulation receiver i need equalization? Why does this bpsk modulation and demodulation pdf download. Verify that the correct cables are connected to the Ethernet port and that modulatikn are secured. Although QPSK can be viewed as a quaternary modulation, it is easier to see it as two independently modulated quadrature carriers.

Successive symbols are taken from the two constellations shown in the diagram. You should have got similiar curves with awgn function too.

Waiting for your reply. CDM Dimensional Envelope 1— DMD Satellite Modem Board Theory of Operation The bpsk modulation and demodulation pdf download sends out another pause frame with demodultaion pause time set to zero as soon as free buffer space becomes available.

This does not override bandwidth confirmations. Plz check out http: We take the fft and look at the fft output prior to attempting demodulation http: Hoping U r fine, may GOD bless u.

baudline manual – glossary

All Rates Framing Type: See the specified appendix section for further ,odulation. So, the question is: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Exception — Emulation Emulation: We should scale the variance of channel h in accordance with the gain of the power power delay profile.

Hi Krishna, I agree with your explanation for where the EQ comes in. The displayed graphs automatically update in real time.