You should see little clumps of dust come out the bottom fan vents. Hello, and mucho kudos on tutorial. I believe those are the only screws you have to remove to get the keyboard off. Maybe the adapter is bad. A few people have reported the same problem that I seem to be having. Many years ago I killed the very first PC I worked on with big static discharge to the main board. Hello, My sam open his Compaq Presario CQ50 and he breack the Power board button, if you know were i can buy this part, please help me because is very difficult to find.

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Estupendo, me sirvioo un montonnn, espero que sigas haciendo cosas como estas, me ayudo muchisisimo, Cq50-139w. The schematic diagrams for the whole Cq50-139wm CQ60 laptop is viewable and downloadable cq50-139am http: You posted all your comments in a different post: I know cq50-139wm fan has been going bad for some time now… The battery just stopped charging as well. Well The charger light blinks and does not supply a steady charge, the charge comes in waves every second and cq50-139wm think this cq50-139wm because the charger blew out also i think cq50-139wm has damaged something because my computer no will not turn qc50-139wm and Im trying to figure out what could have been damaged.

Some difficulty can be experienced in the region of the corners near the hinges where there is a small clip arrangement. You can do it with an air compressor. When i turn on the computer the computer itself turns on but the screen remains cq50-139wm or doesnt turn on.

You can also label the containers, by where cq50-139wm parts came from, or which stepp cq50-139wm were extracted in. Bennyfrom Miami. Michael, I want to clean and oil the fan on the cq50 cq50-139wm it is loud is there an easier way to get to it without going cq50-139wm steps ? Just finally attempted to cq50-139wm my G60 back cq50-139wm. Do i Need to reset any bios setting or anything? This Jack is cq50-139wm use with AC adapter tips that are 4. Insert it between the top cover cq50-139wm bottom case and move along the side.

Does cq50-139wm spin at all? Windows troubling shooting says the device is not enabled or drivers are not loaded properly. One screen hinge is broken completely, and i keep cq50-139wm metal clip on it to hold it close after i carefully raise the cq50-139wm each time.

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Anyone who cq50-139wm this problem? Make sure the wireless card enabled.

Also, test your laptop with cq50-139wm external monitor connected to the VGA port. There are tons of them on eBay. My fiances cq50-1339wm one of these I took it apart using this guide to clean a cq50-139wm inch of dust from it but made a mistake. Like Micheal i also did destroyed cq50-139wm webcam cable and and power cq50-139wm board so now i cant turn on the laptop.

Memory modules are not seated properly. My webcam cable was so firmly wedged in that despite cq50-139wm extremely careful attempts to remove it without it breaking, the cables ended up cq50-139wm out of the socket.

Great instructions, I have assembled twice very carefully Cq50-139wm up but just get a black screen, no post beeps or anything reseated memory although cq50-139wm ok touch pad connector broke but i can put pressure on with finger to work will address that last also tried an external monitor black screen also doesnt seem to be cq50-139wm past initial power uphard drive light not on at front of unit not sure if keyboard is on or activated cq50-139wm ideas please.

I hope in your help. Any insight would be helpful. Two front corners of cq50-139wm top case are crunched and one is separating from the bottom case. I also have a overheating issue and my wireless seems to shut down whenever it feels like cq50-139wm and i have to use the trouble shooter to cq50-139wm it cq50-139wm work again. Last year a switched to Mac and I please let me correct cq50-139wm statement. Natalie, I successfully installed my motherboard, but have a problem.

Would you like cq50-139wm log yourself cq50-139wm I cq50-139wm replaced the keyboard on my Compaq C60 using these instructions. I just changed cq50-139wm a defective fan on my Cq50-139wm, and broke one of the last connections.

Joseph Del Valle, Q is, the power adapter that is attached to the mb is bad and only charges when it is in a certain angle. Thanks for the tutorial. But I stuck with step The old had broken connections and after recieving a new one, cq50-139wm not determine cq50-139wm leads were to be soldered to which pins and such.

Do you have any suggestions I fear that the cheap power cord may have blown my motherboard could this be the case? cq50-139wm

Thanks for the very useful info. E Cq50-139wm E Series: I have a compaq CQ Maybe you can change the cq50-139wm serial number in there.

I cq50-139wm lost it cq50139wm and know i can use power frame anymore. The button to release will not move at all. I have tried a hard reboot, that didnt work either.

I have managed to turn cq50-139wm the laptop but cq50-139wm is no display the cables are connected.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario CQ50 CQ60 CQ70

Thanks for your help. The 4 screws that secure the display hinges to the display cq50-139wm are Phillips Cq50-139m. Make sure all screws securing the keyboard on the bottom of the laptop are removed. cq50-139wm

I have confirmed that the DC plug is connected cq50-139wm the motherboard. Hello, I was successful in taking apart my laptop with cq50-139wm given instruction.