I have purchased a few things from Tiger Direct and they were fine and were reasonably priced, but I have not checked to see if they sell motherboards for this laptop. I hope that I did not destroy my motherboard by doing this. This time I researched the engineering and process for wave soldering and reflow soldering machines. So today I tried it again but at about F for about 10 minutes and the laptop is so far working great! I wonder how many are resolders.

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The DC f730ks soldered to this board. These are all identical. I also bought a little finned aluminum heat sink from Radio Shack, cut it down to fit compaq f730us height, and thermo bonded it to the chip to help cool it.

Thanks for posting this site. T tried Any other words than the above are all accepted!!! Still a little concerned about the cokpaq described that should be avoided compaq f730us the instructions and one post stating it will affect future oven use for compaq f730us food. Sonny September 3, at L, D, D, D Note: M with standard type ac adapter plug tip.

Hewlett Packard (HP) Network Drivers Download

This time I researched the engineering and process for wave soldering and reflow soldering machines. Boot from the Vista installation CD. After cooking three motherboard in the oven and actually fixing them. No audio output device is installed. Maybe there is a short somewhere inside the video harness. Compaq f730us tutorial is brilliant. F730ud to confirm, by processor you mean the CPU, correct?

The service manual has disassembly instructions and shows compaq f730us screws go.

Hewlett Packard (HP) drivers – Hewlett Packard (HP) Network Drivers

This laptop is crazy. Test the compaa after that. Thanks for ur healp,i have presario v with no backlights i replaced the inverter and the display screen and still no backlights could u tell me what is the problem? I hope those guys checked the AC adapter.

At least not how to pull the Compaq f730us battery. Just went to your home compaq f730us its like the second post compaq f730us have on there from the top lol.

The screen is still bright and you can see it, correct?

Great, I ordered a new mainboard. Powersupply is providing power tested with a voltmeter. Disconnect both antenna cables from the compaq f730us card. You can always turn it off through software. Man i swear when my presario f turns on for only 2 sec then off again i mash the keyboard and compaq f730us the time it turns on. This will help to take away compaq f730us fumes. Any help is apreciated! You can test adapter with a multimeter.

How to Reflow a Laptop Motherboard in a Household Oven, Repair Guide

But my problem is that i had compaq f730us it. Most likely if the fix works, you will have to do it again after some time. If yes, there is a problem with your Windows OS.

See PJ for the 65 watt 3. This page is long but you can scroll down to view images of our products! This model compaq f730us a SATA hard drive installed.

There compaq f730us a number of scenarios where performing a reflow can be successful. Compaq f730us removed the screw for the dvd rw and it just wont slide out of the computer, not sure if have to take apart f730ks whole assembly to remove the dvd drive, i unscrewed it, but still it wont come out.

I tried pluggin it in and starting it without the battery but still compaq f730us result, so i dont think its the battery. Bonjour Parfait sur Compaq f730us F — Pour combien de temps? Oven baking the motherboard for 9 minutes at C solved the problem and the laptop compaq f730us now working fine! Does the DC Power Jack compaq f730us unplug or is it soldered in and does this sound like what the problem is with my laptop?

First, remove the battery and try starting the laptop just from the AC adapter. Amilo Fujitsu Esprimo: Just watch out for Step 13 — there is one more screw not indicated on the image in the HDD bay that goes through the motherboard which must be removed.

Should I try it in the oven again? I stripped everything off the board that I could. Thanks for the great information. I have Compaq f I have it now about 1 year and 5 months. You will need to reuse your harness. Replaced invertor and used both screens with same problem.