Can I use the instructions for P15 as you had mentioned in some previous comments for cleaning it my self. Do you think this is a dirty heatsink problem. I would also remove any extra parts from the laptop DVD drive, battery, wireless card, modem card to minimize the system and see if it will fix the problem. Can I tighten the hinges under the speaker covers or at base of LCD housing internaly? If you set it up to a maximum performance, the cooling fan works on a higher speed and makes a better job cooling the CPU.

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If toshiba satellite a55 s326 are interested in selling your damaged screen let me know. The screen is damaged. As you see, a damaged power cord can a damaged power jack can have the same symptoms. If the CPU is so hot, the fan should run at satelltie once in a while. I have a Toshiba Satellite AS laptop and I was wondering if my fans are messed up because my laptop shuts down unexpectedly.

Hopefully this can solve the problem of the fan and the unexpectedly shutdowns. My fan seems to be doing fine. So, it again is toshiba satellite a55 s326 going to be a simple fix satelite thrown away. The brass directly in contact with the CPU is hot, but the heatsink out where the fan blows air is cool. First I tried Fedora Core 5. I just purchased an Advent laptop.

And is there a laptop specific DVD cleaner? CJ, I took your solution and went to my local computer store and picked up Ceramique an Arctic Silver product. There are also three Sharp screens, but they require a toshiba satellite a55 s326 insulator. You should be able to see the CPU speed. Check if the same garbled toshiba satellite a55 s326 lines and pixels appears on an external monitor. After that unlock the CPU socket on the motherboard there is a screw-lock on the sidealign the CPU and place it back inside the socket and lock the socket.

It is a month later now and I guess I have to find another satellute and order another one and hope they remove the ones I sent back off my charge card.

The laptop is a Toshiba M35XS. I am planning on getting compressed air to clean out the fans.

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I can send pictures if you would like to show the two parts and tips. Just keep fans and heatsink clean all the time. This happens using just the battery or with it plugged in. You can buy thermal compound online or in your local computer store.

I know the wire has to be thin, but I think that it is made. It is available satellitee the Toshiba Support website. I purchased a Toshiba Ps and it did not include an ac adapter.

The color on this looks off, probably from oxidation toshiba satellite a55 s326 something like that. If it passes the test, I would back up all important data from the hard drive and then run a Toshiba recovery DVD to take it back to factory defaults.

It is possible that your laptop is infected with a virus. This adapter has the same output 19V Thank you though for your reply I hope toshiba satellite a55 s326 will help other Toshiba users in the future!

If this would work it would save alot of anxiety!! I refixed the spring using epoxy resin and it is now ok. I have owned the M35X for 13 months and have already gotten my motherboard replaced twice by Toshiba repair centers. Thank you for the info cj, I will make the changes according to how you described the procedure in a couple of days.

Then I toshiba satellite a55 s326 it could be overheating and I cleaned it as the procedure you show in the website, it stills the same. Gradually it sucked some nasty fuzz up against the grate, which I could then pull out. They both are the same size tip. Again thanks so much I will tell all my friends about this place!

I havent looked inside yet.