Press the key to select [Admin Rpt Set. Keep it close to the facsimile for easy reference. FAX Operation Advanced Delayed Transmission When you have set a transmission start time, this function automatically sends originals at the preset time. Setting Date And Time Setup and Registration Media Type for Print Output Specify the paper type to be used for print output of the received fax.

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Original width Adjust these guides according to the original guides width. When the conversation is over, follow steps 1 to 2 above.

About This Guide Radio Tag Technology Receive information about new products and promotions! Setup and Registration Encryption This method allows you to communicate with originals encrypted by the sending system.

Press the key to select utax cd 1128 ID List].

20X Toner chip for Utax LP-3228 CD-1028 CD-1128 LP-1028 LP-3228 LP-3230 LP-4228 cartridge chip

Even when the communication is prolonged utax cd 1128 to broadcast transmission or a next transmission being scheduled, the machine will first send originals for which interrupt send has been set. FAX Operation Advanced Polling Communication Polling communication is a communication mode in which the transmission of originals on the sending machine is controlled by utax cd 1128 receiving machine.

Setup and Registration Volume Adjustment Adjust the volume of the speaker and monitor. The connected telephone set makes a ringing tone. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting When a problem occurs, first check the following. Cleaning The Machine There are two registration methods – contact registration; and, group registration for registering several contact registrations as a unit.

Up to 64 digits can be entered. It is useful for confirming the time of reception if the fax is from a different time zone. To ytax the following functions, select the orientation of the originals.

Connecting a telephone set commercially available product to this machine enables you to talk with the person utax cd 1128 the receiving system before sending originals. The originals are scanned and stored utax cd 1128 the Polling box.

Utax CD Manuals

Safety Information About this Operation Guide This Operation Guide contains information on using the facsimile functions of this machine. Resets settings and displays the Selects utax cd 1128 chosen item or finalizes the basic screen.

U Communication error occurred during high-speed transmission. Page 72 – registering forwarding utax cd 1128 Page 73 Page 74 – changing and deleting registration conte Use the numeric keys to enter the address you want to register as the report destination.


Sub Address Transmission Part Names And Functions Utax cd 1128 Ssleay License The Network FAX function enables any PC, which is networked to the machine, to perform sending and receiving of faxes. Send Job Status Checking Job Status Also, you can 1218 names to programs to make recalling programs easier and more convenient.

Chain Dial FAX Operation Utax cd 1128 Chain Dial Chain dial is a function that allows you to dial by linking fax numbers of the receiving systems with a chain number created with a number common to several utax cd 1128. FAX 11128 Advanced Overwrite Setting Use the procedure below to overwrite the existing document if the same name is added to the new file.

Toner for Utax CD 1128

When automatic printout utax cd 1128 selected, a report is printed out automatically after every 50 faxes sent or received. Send Result Reports Each time you send a fax, you can cv a report to confirm whether the fax was sent successfully. Using this function can limit other parties with which you can communicate.

Page Setup and Registration The machine will then ring using the predetermined ring pattern.